Knysna & Surrounds

Knysna Wine Festival

The best ten days of the winter in Knysna falls within the celebration of the Knysna wine festival. With the festival now in its seventh year...
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Knysna Cycle Tour

The Knysna Cycle Tour is one of the busiest times of the year in Knysna as this event draws thousands of visitors to the area each year.
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Knysna Oyster Festival

The exciting Knysna Oyster festival is one of South Africa’s most popular festivals. There are many reasons for this...
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Knysna Forest Marathon

One of the most successful and popular activities during the Oyster festival is the Knysna Forest Marathon. This marathon has become something...
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Knysna Heads

A trip to the Knysna Heads is imperative for first time visitors to the Knysna area. The Heads have to be one of the most remarkable...
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Garden Route Golf Holidays

It is undoubtedly the most popular sport which can be played solo. Golf is a game where focus is entirely dependent on individual...
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The Knysna Forest

The town of Knysna used to be a secluded logging town situated in the midst of a considerable and thick forest...
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Knysna Restaurants

Bucket is to spade as oysters are to Knysna Restaurants. If you think about dining out in the Knysna region, you automatically think...
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The Knysna Lagoon

A Lagoon is explained as a body of shallow, brackish water separated from the sea by some form of barrier, but the Knysna Lagoon is so...
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