Six of the best for Knysna

It’s hard to identify just five of Knysna’s top tourist attractions. This town, which has been nominated as South Africa’s favourite on several occasions, has oodles of interesting things to do and see.

headsThe Sea
In any seaside town, the beach is always a main attraction. At Knysna, safe swimming can be enjoyed at Bollard Beach and there are lovely opportunities for walking, picnicking, fishing or just building sandcastles all along the coast.

Of course, the sea is also the source of the famed Knysna Oysters and visitors can take part in an oyster tour or simply enjoy feasting on these slippery delicacies at tapas bars or restaurants overlooking the ocean.

Emerging from the waves, are the Knysna Heads, a famous landmark of the lagoon and a delight for photographers. The views from on top of the Heads are spectacular and it is well worth making the trip up to gaze at the ocean vistas.

the knysna forestThe Forest
Pick up a map from the tourism office and a permit at the entrance and you can walk and bike on the paths amongst the indigenous trees to your heart’s content.

Township Tours
Ekazi tours are all the rage, but a tour of Knysna’s Rastafarian community, one of the largest in South Africa, is sure to remain etched in your memory banks for a lifetime.

Elephants will always be the most famous of Knysna’s wildlife and you can visit the most southernmost herd in the world at the Knysna Elephant Park. Bird life is prolific both on the shore and in the forest and tree spotting is becoming an increasingly popular pastime in the natural haven of Knysna.

Knysna LagoonThe Lagoon
Perfect for kayaking, swimming, water skiing and fishing, the lagoon is the site of many a charter tour and a source of delight to all who visit Knysna.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of this tranquil village and the real reason for its popularity, is the sixth one – an intangible sense of belonging, of peace and hospitality that draws visitors back time and time again.

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