Boat Cruises on Knysna Lagoon

Water is one of the main attractions of Knynsa. Glorious beaches, unique fauna and flora, world-famous oysters, stunning views from your hotel room and lagoon-based sports all depend on water in various forms. The ocean and lagoon form an integral part of daily life in this seaside village and Knysna’s success as a tourist destination relies heavily on it. One of the best ways to make the most of Knysna’s assets is by taking part in a boat cruise on the Knysna Lagoon.


Several charter companies such as Turbine Water Club offer a range of lagoon cruises of varying lengths. By far the most popular excursion is the sunset cruise, where guests are taken out past the Heads to experience the overwhelming beauty of a Knysna sunset surrounded by birds, whales and dolphins against a backdrop of rock formations and caves. Snacks and a drink to toast the end of another gorgeous day are usually part of the deal on these trips.

Another popular option is the oyster tour, which includes visiting the oyster beds, shucking and tasting both wild and cultivated oysters. Of course, sparkling wine or champagne is provided to wash down these slippery little delicacies. The oyster tours provide a fascinating insight into the history and daily operations of the oyster industry, along with some interesting anecdotes.

Longer boat charters on the Knysna lagoon are also available for avid sailors, including a breakfast and overnight charter. The tour is a breakfast-to breakfast tour, commencing with a delicious brunch on the waters of the lagoon, followed by a day of cruising and swimming and then overnight in a luxurious cabin aboard the yacht. A three course dinner and a continental champagne breakfast are enjoyed al fresco surrounded by the waters of the lagoon lapping softly against your vessel.

This package is popular amongst honeymooners but you can also arrange for your entire wedding to be held aboard a Knysna lagoon charter, for a maximum of twelve people.

Booking in advance is imperative for these popular excursions.

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