Knysna Heads – Cruising the Lagoon

The Knysna Lagoon offers many opportunities for water sports, such as water skiing, fishing, swimming and sailing, but the ultimate pièce de résistance of any to trip to Knysna is cruising the lagoon out to the famous Heads. Towering between the lagoon and the turbulent ocean, the Heads are synonymous with Knysna and are the crowning glory of this pristine body of water. They are the gateway to all that visitors to Knysna hold dear.

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The lookout on top of the Eastern Head allows awe-inspiring views of the lagoon, Leisure Isle and the town, while the Western Head is primarily taken up by a private nature reserve with the curious name of Featherbed Nature Reserve.


A range of options are available to aspirant cruise-goers and are offered by several operators:


  • On the luxurious end of the scale, catamaran cruises serve oysters and champagne while cruising through the majestic sandstone Heads silhouetted against the sunset. The duration of this cruise is about one hour.
  • Longer cruises are also available, such as a four hour cruise which ventures out past the heads towards Buffalo Bay. On the return trip, guests are treated to a sumptuous Mediterranean lunch and a swim before heading back to shore.
  • Daily sunset cruises beyond the Heads, aboard a luxurious yacht, are also available and include a delicious finger dinner.
  • A perfect way to start the day is with a three hour champagne breakfast cruise to the Heads and back.
  • Vessels are also available to hire for functions or intimate private cruises for two.

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Apart from the gorgeous views and delicious treats to be enjoyed on board these cruises, the bird life on the lagoon is prolific and the ideal opportunity for bird watchers to enjoy their hobby from a whole new angle.

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Dolphins and whales sometimes make an appearance during the cruises, and the skipper will fill you in on interesting snippets of information about the lagoon and its inhabitants as you go along.

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