Markets in Sedgefield

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For a small town, Sedgefield has plenty to offer its locals and tourists.

It’s a community brought together by its love of arts and the pride it takes in its home-grown produce.

The Wild Oats Market is one of Sedgefield’s most successful ventures that highlights the vibrancy of this beautifully scenic part of the country, and the fresh food and healthy living ethos of this particular seaside village.

Wild Oats

Its popularity with locals and visitors can in part be attributed to the fact that unlike most ‘seasonal’ markets, it is open every Saturday of the year.  First to arrive are the salivating early-birds, mostly locals, who are eager for their weekly fix of a freshly made breakfast of coffee, pancakes, vetkoek and fresh juices.  The late-comers are usually first time visitors, as locals know that the quality of the produce on offer is unparalleled, and therefore there is cause to get there early enough to snap up hot loaves of bread and fresh falafel filled pitas, and to fill their baskets with free range chickens, eggs, jams and cheeses to take home.
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The unhurried outdoor shopping experience of the markets is no accident, keeping in mind that Sedgefield is all about slow lazy days.  Making time for catching up with friends, enjoying as much of the delicious fare as you can manage, and sitting on tree-trunk stools under the shaded leafy canopies of the surrounding trees is what it’s all about when you go to market in Knysna and Sedgefield.

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Naturally, there is a strong eco-consciousness here, a message that seems to be whispered by the sheer beauty of the surroundings.  Apart from buying local, the market encourages reducing, reusing and recycling within its parameters and surroundings.  Many of the vendors provide re-useable containers where possible, and have consciously reduced their packaging.  To make it even easier to leave no footprint, there is a convenient three-bin system available for empty bottles, paper and plastics.

The market is open every Saturday morning from 8:00-11:30 in summer and from 8:30-11:30 in winter.  For enquiries contact 082 376 5020.

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