The Knysna Boat and Lifestyle Show

The Knysna Boat and Lifestyle Show has been hailed as a great success by both organisers and visitors, a huge feat considering it celebrated its very first show just two years ago in July 2012.  Through the success of that, it doubled its visitor numbers the following year, and the record number of people had accommodation in Knysna and surrounding areas bursting at the seams.
This was mainly due to an excellent marketing strategy, which was for the show to run in conjunction with the Knysna Oyster Festival.  This was extremely beneficial for the organisers of the Oyster Festival who were  able to increase foot traffic with an extra item on its already jam packed bill, and one that catered for the country’s huge number of outdoor lovers.  While the Boat and Lifestyle Show was given the much needed exposure to the tens of thousands of people already flocking into the small coastal town for the famous Oyster Festival.

The Knysna Boat and Lifestyle Show is certainly not just about the smooth yachts and sexy sailboats of the rich and famous.  There is all manner of mariner talk relating to almost everything water- bound, around the various boating accessories, diving equipment, specialised hardware and wet displays that are on offer.


For those who prefer to stay closer to dry land however, the show also features dry displays as well as exhibits showcasing the best in kayaking and fishing, paragliding and skydiving.  It also includes those who prefer their feet planted firmly on terra firma with extremely popular exhibits for keen golfers and campers, which also saw plenty of activity.

The Knysna Boat and Lifestyle Show is a perfect place to see what exciting things are happening within each industry, as well a chance to try out the newest improvements on the market.   With technology enabling incredible new design opportunities, the boat building industry is becoming more specialised than ever, with a strong focus on quality both in functionality and aesthetics.  So for those who are planning retirement sometime soon, there is no better place to discuss your requirements for that comfortable yacht trip around the world.


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