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Getting some fresh air into your lungs and experiencing the true sense of the beauty that is Knysna, is only really possible by getting outdoors and walking through the forests or riding a bike along the mountain roads.

There is no need to panic and wonder whether you can make it up a hill without having to get off and push. Bike & Saddle runs tailor-made eco-friendly tours that incorporate hiking, biking and kayaking from almost anywhere across the country, and are equipped for both casual and advanced riders. That doesn’t only apply to the length of the ride but also the choice of terrain. Although you do need to be somewhat fit to sign up. Tours can be booked for a few hours, or even a week. Each tour has been very carefully mapped out and supplies everything you need.

For true adventurers there is a ‘Bike, Hike and Kayak’ option. The three trips that are offered around Knysna are designed to really showcase this exquisite part of the country without the carbon footprint.

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The Village Cycle Tour lasts for three hours and is designed as a relaxing fun ride through some iconic landmarks – taking you through Thesen Island and then along the banks of the lagoon to the Knysna Heads. On the way back there are stops for beer tasting and finally a celebration with fresh oysters (a Knysna speciality!) and a refreshing glass of bubbly.

This trip is offered in two parts, and can be extended into a half day.

The Hike, Bike and Kayak is a full day tour that requires a fitness level above “sunset walks on the beach”, as it is action packed with all three sports taking visitors on an adventure along mountains, on river and sea and through the forest.


First, you’ll bike through indigenous forests and down the escarpment and eventually you’ll swap handlebars for paddles after a decadent picnic on the banks of the Touws River. After kayaking along the river, you’ll hike through the forest on a custom-built boardwalk for a dip under a waterfall. You’ll head back along the boardwalk, to your canoe and paddle out to the lagoon and towards the beach where you’ll celebrate a well-spent day with sundowners.

So when you get to your accommodation in Knysna, leave the stuffy car and throw away the tourist maps because the only way to properly explore somewhere new is from the saddle of a bike!

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