Kayaking in Knysna

If you don’t get out on to the open water when you’re in Knysna, then you will be missing out on an enormous part of what makes up this incredible seaside town – the open ocean, as well as the vast lagoon surrounded by the most stunning scenery you could imagine.

Kayaking in Knysna is definitely the best way to explore the open waters here, and because of the great land and seascape there are plenty of adventures to choose from.

If you’re wondering about the difference between a canoe and a kayak, then a canoe typically, is open on top and uses a single sided paddle.  A kayak is closed on top except for where you sit, and is slightly narrower than a canoe propelled forward by a double sided paddle.
Regardless of whether you can tell you canoe from your kayak, your adventure will be exhilarating and breath-taking.  There isn’t really a word that describes how it feels to practically sit on the ocean as you glide through it, and then test your strength against the current before the calm settles again.

No experience is necessary for these adventures, and in just a few minutes you’ll get the hang of how it works and feels.   All the necessary equipment, canoes, life jackets, paddles and guides are provided.  You just choose whether you prefer a half or full day session, arrive and have great time.
The half day trip on the beautiful lagoon either in the morning or in the afternoon, takes you past coves, rugged rock, sandy beaches and mid estuary views of the Knysna Heads on the way to leisure Isle.

For those with stamina, a full day’s kayak is a must.  It explores aspects of the Knysna River, as well as the Knysna Estuary.  There are so many different natural formations here, and wonderful birds and creatures that live around the area.  The relaxed picnic lunch gives you renewed energy for the afternoon’s explorations, some of which may also include a beach walk.

Be sure to enquire about kayaking tours when you book your accommodation in Knysna, there are many highly trained and reputable tour operators who will make sure you set off on the trip most suited to you.

The only pre-requisite for this amazing adventure, is that you can swim fairly effortlessly, and at least have the strength to paddle for an extended period.

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