Acrobranch Wilderness Obstacle Course

Situated on the famous Garden Route on South Africa’s beautiful east coast, Acrobranch Wilderness is a unique and fun way of testing your balance, strength and focus. Specialising in unique aerial tree experiences, where visitors can adventure from tree to tree.  Acrobranch combines sport and adventure for both children and adults, and promises a fun day out for all. Acrobranch is a great venue for team building activities close to Knysna.


Set in expansive forests with cascading treelines, the park is home to various courses which are jam-packed full of exciting and unique obstacles and has been carefully designed with a variety of obstacles including zip lines, Tarzan swings, nets and bridges which allow you to gradually move through the courses.
There are a variety of different courses and levels to choose from – Yellow, Green and Blue – which range from easy to challenging and allow young or old to tackle obstacles built in the trees. All aerial adventurists are strapped securely to two carabiners, offering both security from injury or harm, and the advantage of being able to test strengths without the fear of falling. Sessions last for two hours and include detailed safety training and lessons on harnessing, which leave you with ample time to explore the trees.

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Monkey Moves

An introduction to aerial adventures, the Monkey Moves course slowly guides children through a myriad of carefully thought out obstacles, which are only 2 metres off the ground. This course, which is perfect for 4 – 10 year olds, also features an exciting 35m zip line.

Tree Hugger

Perfect for children and adults alike, this course offers a fascinating aerial adventure and amazing view from a 35m zip line.

Swinging Tarzan

Challenge your strength and balance as you take on this combination of two courses, as well as some additional obstacles including the signature ‘Tarzan Swing’.

High Flying

Once all three of the previous courses have been mastered, eager aerialists can try the flagship course, which features a slight increase in difficulty and a jaw-dropping 105m zip line.

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Once you have satisfied your taste for adventure, head to the restaurant and bar for a bite to eat, shuck fresh oysters at the oyster shack or try out the mountain bike trail around the park. 

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