Moonlight Meander Knysna

While Knysna offers a wide range of exciting activities and adventures to try, the ever-popular Moonlight Meander or Starlight Stroll is a must-do when visiting Sedgefield.

Nestled between George and Knysna, Sedgefield is filled with lush forests and beautiful beaches with mild weather all year round – although these guided walks take in the lesser known attractions of the area.


The Starlight Stroll takes place only during the new moon, while the Moonlight Meander is reserved for evenings when the moon is full.  During both of these stages in the lunar cycle, the tide is at its lowest, exposing lesser known denizens of the beach to the trained eye.  In this case – Judy Dixon, a Sedgefield local who has an inordinate love for the ocean and its marine creatures.


Judy will take you along the beach from Swartvlei to Gericke’s Point for a glimpse into the intriguing life in the inter-tidal zone. Before your departure, she will fill you in on things you didn’t know about shells, seaweed, crabs and starfish and how these common creatures fit into the greater scheme of things with regard to the marine biosphere.


Gericke’s Point is one of the Garden Route’s best kept secrets and at low tide offers a fascinating insight into the marine life that lives in the exposed rock pools. Knowledgeable and passionate about her region, Judy’s enthusiasm for this beautiful section of coastline shines through and you cannot help but be captivated.

Explore rock pools by torch light and watch the marine creatures of the night, such as ghost crabs, plough snails and pill bugs, come out by the light of the natural moon.  Should you visit coincide with the winter months, you will have the added advantage of witnessing the phenomenon of bioluminescence, the production of light by tiny marine creatures, which adds an extra sparkle to the evening’s outing.


Make sure you wear warm clothing, as it gets quite chilly during the excursion, and waterproof shoes or boots will do the trick.

Be sure to book in advance for a spot on this exciting, informative walk as it is very popular with locals and visitors alike. No sunblock required!

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