Knysna Surf School

There an undeniable allure about the open ocean that almost all people feel. Surfers talk of it almost spiritually, and will race out into the waves in even the most threatening weather conditions, and in summer, Knysna accommodation is filled with those willing to give surfing a try.

It truly is fascinating to watch surfers paddle out into the breakers and then stand up gracefully, with what seems like precision balancing techniques, while sliding across the top of the water with natural ease.
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If that’s how it seems from an observer’s perspective, then you’re probably watching the guys who have been surfing their entire lives. Look a little closer to the shoreline, and you’ll see someone with legs of jelly desperately trying to balance on a board that refuses to stay still.

Surfing lessons teach you all the techniques that make the incredible experience of gliding across water look so effortless.  Although mostly they’re all about having fun in the ocean and trying something new. There are several surf schools in the vicinity of Knysna.
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Don’t worry if you’ve never surfed before, and only ever ventured waist deep into the sea in your board shorts or bikini, experienced surf coaches will fit you with a correctly sized wetsuit and will provide a suitable surfboard. Coaching is available for any level, from absolute beginners to those wanting to add a few advanced skills to their surf experiences. You can choose between a group lesson and private one-on-one sessions.

Expect a good half an hour of practicing the paddle-to-stand technique on the beach before you enter the water, and if you haven’t surfed before then don’t even think about turning down the use of a wetsuit. You will fall in the water numerous times before you manage to balance upright on the board for the first time, and apart from the water being cold, the last thing you want to be bothered with is having to keep adjusting your costume, or worse, trying to keep it on!
Summer is a much better option for surfing lessons than winter. The lashing rain of the Cape can cause vigorous ocean activity in the rainy, colder months between April and September, when determined cold fronts make themselves felt along the Atlantic Seaboard. Spring and autumn offer clean groundswell in milder winds, which makes for a much pleasanter experience.

Ask your accommodation provider about this and many other exciting Knysna activities in the surroundings, and prepare yourself for a thrilling few hours of tumbles and triumphs.

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