Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts Festival Set To Wow

The Globeflight Pink Loerie Mardi Gras & Arts Festival takes place this year from Wednesday, April 29 until Sunday May 3. The festival is held in Knysna, only 1200km South of Johannesburg, and it is currently in its 15th year of celebration.Image Credit: Pink Loerie Website

This festival goes beyond the traditional Pride events that are hosted throughout Europe and South Africa. It aims to be a more culturally aware version of the European Pride by providing a wider range of exhibitions, events and gatherings. The event also focuses on art exhibitions, performing arts and charity drives.

The festival was initially started by a local businessman in an attempt to entice tourists and draw them to the town during the slow month of May. The event aimed to incorporate the region’s LBGT identity and celebrate the cultural contribution that the LBGT community had made to the region. Over the years Kysna’s Pink Loerie has become one of the most written about annual celebrations within the LBGT community on a global scale. It is definitely a must see! Image Credit: Pink Loerie WebsiteThe Pink Loerie Mardi Gras Program includes the following events:

  • Wednesday 29 April – Meet and Greet at Zanzibar Night Club (R50)
  • Thursday 30 April – TRIARC Group Official Party (R50)
  • Friday 1 May – Globeflight HERO Official Party (R60) and Mr. Mardi Gras
  • Saturday 2 May – After-parade show & prizes (R60) and Carnival Party

The Pink Loerie Arts Festival Program includes:

  • Thursday 30 April – Globeflight Morning Tea with Emile Minnie (Charity Event); Art exhibition opening (Free Entrance)
  • Friday 1 May – VIP Dinner & Fundraising Auction (R375)
  • Saturday 2 May – Annual Street Parade
  • Sunday 3 May – Farewell Brunch

The Pink Loerie Flea Market will be open between 10:00 – 17:00 every day from Wednesday 29 April until Saturday 2 May. The market can be found at the upper level of Knysna Mall, next to Standard Bank. So if you’re in the area, or happen to be staying at the Turbine Hotel, make sure to take part in or attend some of events. Image Credit: Pink Loerie Website

In addition to these exciting events, we are proud to announce that this year brings about an exciting new change. Mr Gay World will be held in both Cape Town and Knysna and it will be featured as a co-event with Pink Loerie. Visit for more exciting information.

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