Fishing in Knysna

Fishing is one of the most popular things to do in Knysna – bodies of water are easy to come by in this tropical paradise, and you will find no shortage of ways to wet a line. Sea Fishing

No fisherman worth their salt will pass up the chance to venture out on the ocean in search of the red roman, red stump nose, santer, red steenbras, carpenter, kob, shad and bonnito, which are commonly fished in these waters.  Experienced and knowledgeable skippers will make your deep-sea fishing adventure one that the whole family can enjoy.  Part of the fun is motoring out past the Knysna Heads to one of the area’s prime fishing spots, where you will spend about 7 hours rocking on the ocean waves, hauling in your catch.  Make sure you take motion sickness medication along just in case.

Rock and Surf

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on terra firma, you may be able to nab a large kob, garrick, grunter, bronze bream, white steenbras, white musselcracker or even a galjoen form the shores of Knysna.

Some of the best rock and surf fishing in South Africa is up for grabs in this area, so invest in some bait like fresh pilchard, chokka, pink prawns and the like, and head for the coastline in search of that big (2)Lagoon Fishing

Another popular venue for fishing in Knysna is the lagoon, filled with, White Steenbras, Garrick, Kob, White Mussel Cracker and Grunter.  Try mackerel, white mussel, bloodworm and redbait to lure the best specimens closer.

If you are looking for a fight while fishing in Knysna, you may even be lucky enough to snare the occasional ragged tooth shark in these waters.

Fly Fishing

It’s all about the bass at Groenvlei, also known as Lake Pleasant, just outside Sedgefield. of the few natural lakes in South Africa that features bass, this unique Knysna fishing destination is neither too wide nor deep and features no major rocks, points, or drop-offs. A dense mat of grass and wide reed beds surround the entire lake, the favourite hiding places of these elusive fish. The annual Garden Route Bass Classic is held here every year in late April, a sure sign that the fishing is both challenging and rewarding at Groenvlei.

With all these options, as well as luxurious accommodation and a great tourism infrastructure, Knysna is a popular venue for anglers from all over South Africa and beyond.

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