Sedgefield Moonlight Meander

Looking for unique things to do near Knysna?  You will find that the Sedgefield Moonlight Meander ticks the boxes for families, romantics and even singles, just 32 km from KnysnaImage Credit - Cape Town MagazineAny stroll along a peaceful moonlit beach is a treat on its own, but the Moonlight Meander adds extra impact to this jaunt with the addition of a friendly local guide to point out all the interesting titbits to be found along the way.

To the uninitiated, the rock pools found along Swartvlei Beach to Gericke’s Point may seem like nothing more than somewhere for kiddies to splash around in relative safety.  However, these watery crevices are filled with life, and interesting creatures to discover and learn more about.Image Credit - Safari NowYour guide will introduce you to the intricacies of the intertidal zone by torchlight – uncovering the sandy hiding places of ghost crabs, pill bugs and plough snails as you make your way along the beach and pointing out fascinating titbits that have been left behind as the ocean recedes.

Egg collars of moon snails, mermaid’s purses, shells and the remarkable egg case of the paper nautilus may reveal themselves, while the rock pools unveil sea spiders, bright anemones, purple urchins, orange nudibranchs and even an octopus or two on the hunt for crabs.Image Credit - Travel KnysnaOver the years, Sedgefield’s Moonlight Meander, like its Knysna counterpart, has become a popular affair and it is best to book your spot early, with the Sedgefield Information Centre (+27 44 883-1015), if you would like to tag along. You can also visit the activities desk at the Turbine Hotel for more information on this exciting activity.

The starry safari departs from Swartvlei beach in Sedgefield at 7pm, takes about four hours to complete, and takes place during the Full Moon, when the tide is at its lowest.

Image Credits
Cape Town Magazine
Safari Now
Travel Knysna

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