Knysna Sunsets Photoblog

Situated in the heart of the Garden Route, and centred around a vast, picturesque lagoon, Knysna is one of the best locations in South Africa to watch the sun go down.

Aside from a plethora of gorgeous beaches, and lofty viewpoints, there are various worthwhile locations from which to catch the sunset. Hop on a pontoon barge for an incredible view of the sun setting behind the Heads. Take a stroll along the Featherbed Nature Reserve coastline for a panoramic view of day’s end, or simply set down a blanket on the hidden treasure that is Bollard Bay.

However, one of the most spectacular sundowner spots in Knysna is on Thesen Island. This includes the Turbine Hotel itself, and the bustling harbour. At the Turbine, we would recommend paying a visit to Tapas and Bar Deck, which overlooks the canal and boasts a fantastic Knysna lagoon sunset.

To whet your appetite, here are a number of stunning Knysna sunset photographs.

Image Credit - David Siu

Turbine Hotel Knysna

Image Credit - slack12

Image Credit - Jared Hersch

Image Credit - slack12

Knysna Hotel

Image Credit - H1N

Image Credit - Lizzie blog esmaltesempre

Knysna AccommodationImage Credits:
David Siu
Jard Hersch
Lizzie blog
slack 12

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