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Knysna’s stunning vistas and pristine beaches are the stuff postcards are made of. Whether you’re a keen photographer, or just enjoy keeping your Instagram followers jealous, Knysna is a prime destination to get quality snaps. To save you some time on your next trip up the Garden Route, we’ve picked out some spots to make sure the Knysna photography you take home doesn’t disappoint.

Photography Knysna

Spitzkop Viewpoint
The highest point above Knysna, the Spitzkop Viewpoint, offers panoramic views of the rolling countryside, and is arguable the best vantage point around. Found on the Prince Alfred Pass, Route 339, Spitzkop is easy to find. Hike, drive or cycle up to this spectacular spot and see the popular landscape below from a different perspective. The hike from Diepwalle indigenous forest is a wonderful way to spend any afternoon, however, if you’d prefer to drive- the dirt road off Route 339 is well signposted and easy to get to, despite being a bit bumpy. Pack a picnic, and while away the hours high above the crowds.

viewpoints in knysna

Margaret’s Viewpoint
Margaret’s Viewpoint is a quaint local favourite, which is perfectly positioned so that you can see both the placid waters of the estuary and the stillness of Lake Brenton. This roadside stop can be found on the way to Brenton-on-Sea, and offers breath-taking views of the Knysna Estuary, and an overview of the dynamic town. The viewpoint is named after Margaret Addinal, an avid conservationist, who persistently campaigned for the viewpoint to be installed. Secluded and peaceful, this is the ideal spot for some breathing space, as well as a good way to get a lay of the land.

Knysna photography

Knysna Head Viewpoint
The Knysna Heads are by far the most iconic attraction that the Garden Route has to offer, and the view from the top is something to write home about. The eastern head is easily accessible by car, making the viewpoint deck popular with locals and tourists alike. This viewpoint will ensure you’ve got front row seats to see the torrents of water that move in and out of the estuary every day. With views of this impressive channel, Indian Ocean, the Knysna Lagoon, and the Outeniqua Mountains, you’ll feel on top of the world. The view from the east head is so fantastic that the National Sea Rescue Institute chose to build its observation room there- so you really can’t get a better than this!

Knysna viewpoints

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Jared Hersch

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