Things to do in Knysna this Summer

Knysna is an idyllic summer vacation destination for couples, families or friends travelling together, looking to enjoy the outdoors. This charming holiday town at the heart of the Garden Route is known for its pristine lagoon, numerous hiking trails and beaches dotted with bright brollies. Here are some of our favourite things to do in Knysna this Summer.

Image Credit: Vincent Sheed

Explore the Knysna Heads on a Kayak
The summer months in Knysna are the perfect time of year to head off into the lagoon and explore on a kayak. Take it slow, make a stop at the beach and paddle the lagoon at your own pace.
As long as you can swim, kayaking is great Knysna summer activity for the whole family and the kayaks are generally quite stable and easy to manoeuver. Just remember to apply sunscreen before heading out. Kayaks can be organised by the Turbine Waterclub, and life jackets are included.

Image Credit: Rachel Weeks
Body Surfing at Buffalo Bay Beach
Buffalo Bay Beach (or Buffelsbaai) is about 20 minutes from Knysna and one of the prettiest beaches on the Garden Route. The beach is a popular spot for families looking to enjoy the summer sunshine as well as surfers wanting to enjoy the waves.
There is a restaurant and kiosk near the beach as well as places to hire canoes. During the busy summer months (mainly in December and January) the beach can get a little crowded and the waves are sometimes a little too rough for the little ones.

Image Credit: Elton Harding
Picnic at Jubilee Creek in the Knysna Forest
Jubilee Creek is a beautiful picnic area in the Goudveld Forest in Knysna with a grassy bank, braai facilities and toilets. Kids can enjoy splashing in the water in the stream or the whole family can opt to do the hour-long walking trail that begins and ends at the picnic site. Sanparks entry fees do apply, unless you have a Wildcard. The Forest Edge Jubilee Creek picnic site and Jubilee Creek walking trail is worth the effort – pack a picnic basket and enjoy the sounds of nature with your loved ones. The spot is easily accessible from Forest Edge by car and by trail for the fitter travellers.

Image Credit: Steve Crane

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Image Credit:
Elton Harding
Rachel Weeks
Steve Crane
Vincent Sheed

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