Knysna Art: A Look into the Art at Turbine

Turbine Boutique Hotel has always kept culture and history at its core, and for that reason, much care is put into the artwork that can be found lining its walls. Meticulously chosen by Myléne Ife, our dedicated Art Curator and General Manager, the art at Turbine reflects the incredible talent and skill of the South African art world. The team at Turbine ensure that they keep an eye on what’s up-and-coming, and make sure that Knysna art showcases the best that the country has to offer.

Art in knysna

This Knysna hotel has featured a number of prominent local artists in the past few months, each of which add unique flair to the Turbine experience. We’ve highlighted a few of them here so you know who to look out for on your next visit.

Phillemon Hlungwani
Hailing from Giyani in Limpopo, Phillemon Hlungwani studied Fine Art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and now teaches printmaking at Artist Proof Studios. His background deeply influences his work, and the traditional customs and cultural practices of his community guide his creativity. His incredible drawing skill, and his sensitive yet contemporary approach, make him a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Hlungwani’s main medium is drawing, but he etches and works in lino-cuts with great skill as well. With a vision unlike many of his contemporaries, Hlungwani is an artist to watch.

Garden Route culture
Muhundzi a Nga Heti Swakudya II

Geoff Horne
Geoff Horne had an unconventional start to the art world. Moving from banking, to sales, and then to publishing, he eventually found his true calling in the form of painting. He gleans much inspiration from his meanders through the Karoo, and takes pride in depicting specific moments in time, and the everyday life that surrounds us with great beauty and precision.

Art in Knysna
Corner Cafe – Aberdeen

Peter van Straten
Johannesburg-born painter Peter van Straten‘s main artistic purpose is to investigate and capture yearning by using only the simplest elements. His focus falls on light and darkness, the beauty of the natural world and the magic you can find in everyday life if you look hard enough. His sometimes abstract approach and conceptual musings make for innovative and intriguing work.

Knysna art
Before the Night

George Velaphi Mzimba
With a number of solo and group exhibitions under his belt, George Velaphi Mzimba has been dazzling the art world for over 36 years. His bright, bold imagery is honest and unapologetic. He describes his work as “depicting warmth, kindness, of which is rarely found in big cities”. His art depicts the vibrancy and evolution of township life. Velaphi Mzimba’s complex and varied concepts and mastered techniques are testament to his diverse skill and undeniable talent.

Knysna art gallery

If you’re looking to take one of the beautiful pieces home with you, the helpful staff at Turbine are ready to assist with whatever you may need. Alternatively, a portfolio is kept at the front desk which is available to browse. If any additional information is required the staff at Knysna Fine Art would be happy to assist.

Looking to peruse the great works of artists such as these, and enjoy the stunning art in Knysna? Book your stay at Turbine Hotel & Spa by visiting our website, emailing or calling +27 (0)44 302 5746.

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