Knysna Timber Festival 2017

Famed author Robert Brault once stated, “Where you find quality, you will find a craftsman”. The Knysna Timber Festival is a celebration of the magnificent craftsmanship of the town’s famed Timber heritage. Renowned as South Africa’s Woodworking capital, the Knysna Timber Festival has brought together the finest craftsmen and woodworkers from around the world to showcase their masterpieces.

Knysna Timber Festival

Hosted by the Knysna Timber Initiative, made up of local growers, millers and manufacturers, this year’s Knysna Timber Festival will be quite significant. Given the horrific fires that swept through the town earlier this year, the festival is giving members of the industry an opportunity to connect and help one another re-build the Garden Route Timber economy.

Join us this year from the 29 September – 1 October for a fantastic selection of timber growers, manufactures, wood carvers, buyers and every kind of timber enthusiast. Those of you who marvel at beautifully crafted woodwork, admirers of handmade furniture to DIY enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone.

Knysna Festival

Despite the Timber Village having burnt down, this year’s event will still be hosted by the festival’s traditional venue. Try not to get a splinter when you dive into the vast amount of talks, presentations and demonstrations on the fascinating woodworking industry. Exhibitionists of every kind will be pulling out all the stops this year. Lyn Beaton and her marionettes will enchant you with their delicate craftsmanship and precision. She explains the intricate detailing that goes into making these magnificent works of art, from the tools used to the dressing of the marionettes. The Outeniqua Fastix will be exhibiting some exciting new inventions and designs at this year’s festival, as well.

Events in Knysna

If you are looking to get your hands dirty, our amazing DIY workshops will keep you occupied for the entire festival. Learn how to take care of wood, master the art of woodworking and carving or simply marvel at the magnificent woodworks on exhibit. There’s even something for the kids. Locally made jungle gyms, the interactive tent and many other woodworking activities will keep the kids busy for hours. The Knysna Timber Festival 2017 is an exciting opportunity not to be missed.

Knysna Forest

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Image Credits: Flickr/slack12, Knysna Timber Festival Facebook Page, Knysna Timber Festival Facebook Page, Turbine Hotel & Spa

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