Sawtooth Plaza Road Closure on Thesen Harbour Town

Due to urgent rehabilitation and maintenance of the Sawtooth Plaza area on Thesen Harbour Town, the access to The Turbine Boutique Hotel and Col’Cacchio Pizzeria will be affected for the period from Monday the 16th of July to the 16 September 2018.

During this period, no road access will be available for vehicles from Sawtooth Lane (in front of the play park area) to the hotel or Col’Cacchio Pizzeria.

The maximum height for entrance to the parking garage in Sawtooth Lane, is 2.1 meters. Lower vehicles will be able to park in the parking garage and walk from there the 50 meters to the hotel’s entrance.  Upon arrival, please contact the hotel’s desk at 044 302 5746, for assistance with luggage.

All other vehicles should park in Sawtooth Lane.

The designated area for bus parking and drop-off/ collection of guests, will be on the corner of Sawtooth Lane and Plywood Lane at the entrance to the parking garage.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.  A kiosk at the parking garage entrance, will be staffed at all reasonable times to assist guests with directions.

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