Women With a Passion Support Group Tea

Tomorrow – on National Women’s Day – Turbine Hotel & Spa will be hosting 25 ladies from the Women With a Passion (WWAP) Support Group in Knysna.

Established in 2010, the WWAP Support Group provides spiritual, emotional and physical support for battered and traumatised local women. Regular group gatherings, focus on empowering mentoring these women to fulfil their duties at mothers, sisters, wives and leaders in the community. In 2012, WWAP hosted the first women’s conference with only 15 women, and now the group are getting ready to welcome over 300 women in George for their 2018 conference.

During their visit tomorrow, the ladies from WWAP will be treated to arrival tea and coffee in the Courtyard, followed by a tour of Turbine Hotel & Spa. Next up, in the Boiler Room, there will be a poem recital by Nwabisa Pondoyi from the Knysna-Plett Herald, a 5 minute video clip presentation, and talks by Liezel from Milk & Honey, and Chante and Jeanette Titus. Last, but not least, the Declaration will be made by Led by Women, and a word of thanks will be offered by Ma Rita – the original founder of WWAP. All this will all be rounded off by tea, coffee and an assortment of snacks in the courtyard.  by , followed by tea/coffee and snacks at the Island Cafe.

To find out more about the WWAP Support Group and how you can get in involved, simply get in touch with them directly on 078 737 0809, 073 983 0670, 072 723 4552 or wwapsouthafrica@gmail.com.

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