The Knysna Timber Festival

Celebrating the root of South Africa’s timber industry, the town of Knysna plays annual host to the Knysna Timber Festival. Run by the Knysna Timber Initiative, the festival is a showcase of local excellence across the entire value chain from the town.

What is the Knysna Timber Initiative?

The Knysna Timber Initiative (KTI) is a trade body consisting of local industry leaders that represent each part of the value chain for timber and woodworking. With an overall commitment to growing the sector as a key driver to continued economic development, the KTI came up with the Knysna Timber Festival as a way to turn this vision into a reality.

Knysna Timber Festival

What is the Knysna Timber Festival?

Coming up on its 5th anniversary this year, the Knysna Timber Festival is an all-encompassing showcase of local timber and woodworking materials, machinery, manufacturers, products, services, skills and new industry innovations.

The idea behind the festival is to exhibit local talent as well as connecting buyers and suppliers while promoting a sense of unity and collaboration across the industry.  As the origin of timber, the festival also provides a fantastic opportunity to honour the heritage of the town.

When Does the Festival Take Place?

Exhibitions take place between Friday the 5th of October from 09h00 – 17h00 to Sunday the 7th of October from 09h00 – 15h00. Entrance to the festival is R20 per person.

Knysna Timber Festival

What Can You Expect?

Aside from various stands, there is also a workshop held at Knysna Hollow for industry players with top-rated speakers on the morning of the 5th. The actual festival precinct itself will be open to everyone with a Beer & Food Garden and live music by the Southern Sons. A speakers’ programme will also host several talks and presentations covering topics such as removing alien vegetation and restoring indigenous vegetation, in Feather Bed Nature Reserve.

As a family-friendly event, there are also fun-filled woodworking activities and an interactive tent giving any kids a chance to experience the world of timber. If the workshops aren’t quite up their alley, there is also a playground full of locally made jungle gyms perfect to play on.

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, there will be exciting, yet informative, workshops and talks on maintaining woodworking tools and wood joining techniques. These workshops also include projects, for example, the 2017 festival saw DIY-ers create candy dispensers, picture frames or tool boxes.

Knysna Timber Festival

Should you be looking to attend this year’s Knysna Timber Festival, ensure your accommodation is sorted by booking with the Turbine Hotel & Spa. With limited space available, be sure to contact us today to secure your spot.

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