The Turbine Spa is situated in the heart of our chic hotel, which has long-since captivated visitors with its striking exterior.

True to the beauty of our surroundings, we have curated an extensive range of treatments and packages to suit every personality type, occasion and preference.

Take a look at the highlighted options below, or view our entire spa menu here.

Couple Time

Finding time to be with your other half is crucial to staying connected. Life gets busy, we know: amid the kids’ school routine, individual work schedules and the weekly chores, there hardly seems to be a spare minute!

That’s why we’ve put together the Couple’s Connect Pamper Package – a 3 hour session in which you can simply bliss-out and be together. Pick a Saturday morning that suits you both and come and join us for a session in the steam room, followed by full body exfoliation, a Turbine massage and a Turbine facial.

Top off your alone time with a delicious meal at The Island Café (included in the price) and return to the “real world” with a fresh perspective.

Time: 3 hrs
Price: R 3700

Discerning Gentleman

Long-gone are the days in which spa treatments are reserved for “girl time.” The modern man knows that self-care is essential when it comes to looking and feeling your best. It’s also the perfect way to keep your skin and body feeling fantastic after a long week of working (and playing) hard.

For this man, we offer a host of Turbine Gents treatments.

They include:

Theravine Men’s Active Daily Facial (1 hour | R 590)
Babor Gents Facial (1 hour | R 850)
Gents Pedi (1 hour | R 495)
Gents Mani (45 minutes | R 300)

knysna spas

The Weary Traveller

As wonderful as travelling is, it can take a toll on our bodies. Long plane rides and car trips can leave you with tight shoulders, cricked necks and swollen ankles – not ideal when you’re trying to switch off and enjoy your vacation in the Knysna sun.

We have a host of massages to target your weary body, but recommend The Knysna Journey, one of our signature treatments, perfect for taking a journey of another kind. The destination? Utter relaxation.

You’ll enjoy a deluxe foot scrub and massage, followed by a deeply therapeutic full-body massage. A fruity, flavour-packed smoothie is included in this package.

Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Price: R 1550

The Workaholic

Work is a necessary aspect of life, but it shouldn’t consume you day and night. If you’ve had a particularly rough go of it lately, consider giving yourself a break with our Island Escape Package.

Stress resides in the body; you can feel it forming an anxious ball in your stomach, creeping up your neck and creating knots in your muscles. This package physically releases stiffness and offers your mind that blissful reprieve from running rampant with thoughts of proposals, to-dos and meetings.

Over the course of 90 minutes, you will be treated to a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a rejuvenating Turbine facial.

Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Price: R 1550

The Wellness Fanatic

We don’t need to tell you about the benefits of massage and relaxation, do we? The wellness gurus among you know that detoxing and unlocking stress hotspots in the body helps you to live a healthier life – both mentally and physically.

To you we say, have a scroll through our treatment menu and select an option that’s perfect for your current needs.

Did you know?

Spas date back to ancient times, when Greeks suspected that bathing could have therapeutic properties. The Romans ran with this concept, building the world’s first warm baths over thermal hot springs.

In the 1320s, a Belgian discovered a natural spring in the town of Spa, which later became a health resort. That’s where the word “spa” comes from.

After this, the medicinal aspects of mineral water were re-explored and widely accepted. For example, in the English city of Bath, many visited to take in the waters, either via drinking, steaming or bathing.

Another example is the Turkish Hammam, where visitors are bathed, scrubbed and massaged to promote wellness and relaxation.

Modern spas are still based on these old concepts of cleansing, relaxation and rejuvenation, but with the advent of modern science and technology, a whole host of wellness treatments have been added to the menu.

Book your treatment

The above treatments are but a small sliver of what we offer at The Turbine Spa. And remember: You don’t need a reason or occasion to spoil yourself. Yes, it’s lovely to get pampered and dolled up in preparation for a big day – weddings, matric farewells, business conferences – but simply feeling well and happy is occasion enough.

We are open daily from 8am to 7pm, including public holidays.

Contact details:

Tel: +27 44 050 3500


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