Knysna is brimming with artistic talent. Photographers, sculptors, painters, potters and creatives of every creed are inspired by the natural beauty of the Garden Route, and as a result, there are plenty of art-infused activities to keep the discerning holiday-maker entertained.

Why not start your art crawl right here at The Turbine Hotel & Spa?

Here, every wall, surface and corner is adorned to delight the eye. We’ve teamed up with the Knysna Fine Art Gallery, who allow us to display certain collections in the hotel’s common areas and bedrooms, turning our entire hotel into a showroom of sorts. (If you like what you see, just let us know and we’ll help you organise a purchase.)

If you’d like to visit the gallery itself, you can find it at 6 Long Street in Thesen House (044 382 5107).

Wandering further afield, here is our list of 5 arty things to do on your Knysna vacation.

5 Arty Things To Do In Knysna

1. Get Your Market On

In Knysna, there are plenty of markets to choose from. Discover unique handmade crafts, pottery, jewellery and artwork at Knysna’s various local craft markets.

Is there anything better than finding something unique at a market to take home with you? Whether it’s a homemade preserve or a sentimental piece of jewellery to remind you of a special holiday, our markets have it all.

Here are a few nearby markets to check out:

2. Trawl The Knysna Art Route

Have you ever heard of the Knysna Art Route?

This initiative operates from Thesen House and is facilitated by the Knysna Art Society. Begin your crawl here and pick up a pamphlet that highlights various art galleries and studios that are open to the public.

This really is your window into the creative heart of art galleries in Knysna – not only will you discover incredible artwork, but have the opportunity to engage with working artists, too. For more information, click here.

3. Catch A Show

There’s nothing like attending a live theatre performance to really get a feel for our town’s creative spirit – and watch the talent in action!

Visit Knysna Theatre’s Facebook page to see whether there is a performance scheduled during your visit.

4. Attend a Workshop

Get your own hands dirty and attend a workshop with one of our local artists. From woodwork to pottery or painting, there’s nothing like the flow that comes from disengaging your mind and simply being present with a project.

As mentioned above, the Knysna Art Society, based in Thesen House, is a great place to start. They’re plugged into everything current in the Knysna art world and will be able to suggest a workshop to suit your interests, from beginner to advanced courses.

5. Visit The Circles In The Forest Mural

Located at The Art Café on Queen (10 Queen Street)l you’ll find the Circles In The Forest Mural, a tribute to the work of Dalene Matthee, who wrote a novel by the same name.

It consists of 80 circular artworks by various artists, each capturing a different aspect of what makes Knysna unique.

This is the perfect spot to capture a stunning holiday photograph of yourself and your loved ones or to try and decipher the relevance of each piece.


Get Festive

Knysna hosts a number of exciting annual festivals that celebrate art in all its forms. Whether you’re into books, food, woodwork or more traditional forms of art, there’s something for everyone.

Take a look at annual festivals in Knysna by clicking here.

Stay With Us

We regularly update our Events Page at The Turbine Hotel & Spa and proudly host everything from live music evenings to creative workshops and gastronomic experiences.

Stay with us and enjoy a front row seat to all things creative in Knysna.

Browse our various luxurious accommodation options online and book your next Knysna vacation to Thesen Island.

You can choose between booking online, or emailing our friendly reservations team directly via

We look forward to sharing Knysna’s creative spirit with you!

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